A production site with low energy impact

In planning its investments for the innovation and the increase of the productive potential Artelegno never lost sight of the environmental policy that has always driven the Fazzini’s family choices,

The production site is located in an industrial area surrounded by lot of grren spaces .

Artelegno has adopted the latest technology in filtration in order to contain its emissions way below the limits required by the law.

Another step taken in order to ensure the sustainability of its productions has been the installation of a biomass boiler powered by the wood wastes that  ensures the heating of the premises and the necessary heat for the sprayng and drying room allowing the recycilng of most of the wastes an reducing dramatically the energy impact.

Filiera ecologica Artelegno

Productions and products environment friendly

At Artelegno work is also a friendship pact with the environment.

It start with the selection of the raw material: all the wood used in our products comes from sustainably managed forest.

Thanks  to highly performant filtration plants we have minimized  our emissions way below the limits imposed by the environmental laws for all our plants.

Furthermore  the investment in a biomass  boiler and in a briqueting press  allows us to recycle all our wood waste and sawdust for the heating of our plant and for the heat needed in the spraying  and drying room.

During the summer when heat is not needed we transform our wastes in briquettes that are used  for household heating.

Low emissions

Raw materials coming from forests managed according to the strictest criterias of eco-sustainability

Recyclable products

All Artelegno’s products are made of solid wood hence totally recyclable.

Reuse of wastes

Total reuse of wood wastes by grinding and production of heating briquettes.