Magnetic wooden knife blocks without knives

Our series of magnetic wooden knife blocks without knives totally Made in Italy is charachterized by a daring eye catching design and the versatility of use offered by the magnets.

The high quality materials are skilfully shaped in a collection of innovative durable and functional empty knife blocks that take center stage in any style of kitchen.

Our products are manufactured in carefully planned work processes devised to exploit the high level of craftmanship of our workers in order to attain the highest quality standards.

The finish with water based non-toxic varnishes gives these objects , characterized by  a high design content, a smooth finish.

Every piece of this series represent our work in terms of research of materials,  and tinnovative creativity that originates from the italian style that is present in our DNA

In our design projects we always pay a special attention to the functionality of the knife blocks as we want our pieces to be  eye catchers on the kitchen and a joy for the final consumer to use.

The key idea is to give the final user the versatility to insert in the block any kind of knife without being binded by the slots dimensions like in the traditional knife blocks

For this series we pay particular attention to the selection of the raw materials; high quality solid beech and walnut to obtain the best performances in terms of stability, stainless steel components made by selected italian suppliers , neodymium magnets for a safe positioning of the knives  and water based food safe lacquers .

The production cycle is organized in a way to allow multiple quality controls on every piece during the different production phases in order to guarantee the highest quality standard .

An important characteristic of this collection is the easiness of cleaning


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