Products more personalized than ever thanks to the laser decoration service.

Product personalization is a new service offered by Artelegno in order to give an extra edge of exclusivity to its solid wood products with
logos, drawings and decoration patterns. Artelegno has acquired the latest technology in laser decoration to implement this new service for its customers that can choose to customize single pieces or large series.
In this way every Artelegno’s product becomes even more personal with the possibility to add the logo of a business or a picture for an effective brand
communication or to leave an exclusive personal memory. This personalization service is available also for third parties and can be performed on a big variety of materials.

Artelegno, a brand that guarantees top quality.

Il marchio Artelegno a garanzia della qualità.

All the items of Artelegno’s collection in solid wood  are branded with laser technology to guarantee the authenticity of the  quality Made in Italy recognized on the international markets. The laser marking can be substituted with other kind of logos depending on customer’s needs.