Design’s objects in solid wood

Artelegno‘s factory is a flexible structure set up to to create,  for its customers benefit,  taylor made products characterized by high levels of craftsmanship, design and functionality.

The technical team led by Giulio Fazzini transforms the creative ideas in design products manufactured in large and small series totally Made in Italy.

Giulio Fazzini is keen in researching constantly new shapes and concepts for the international market; he likes work in the factory to transform its creative ideas by giving them concrete shape in order to personally verify the aestetics, quality and functionality of each new project.

The creativity  and the passion for his work blended with high quality materials and the oustanding craftsmanship of Artelegno‘s team are  the key ingredients for our top quality products.

From the project to the product

In order to guarantee the high quality standards that made its brand  highly appreciated on the international market Artelegno runs internally all teh phases of the production process.

Artelegno values highly the constant contact with its customers with the goal to satisfy every necessity  in terms of aestetic, technical solutions and commercial needs

The production process gives shape to the solid wood turning it into unique products thanks also to the different grains of the wood: each product encompasses the tradition of the italian design and craftsmanship , key factors to achieve the highest performances in terms of functionality and  durability for the comfort of the final user.

Artelegno’s exclusive design in solid wood durable and food safe

The constant request for Made in Italy  products motivates Artelegno in focusing resouces and investments toward the creation of models the are themselves the expression of the will to match the aestetic of italian design with high performances in terms of durability and fuctionality.

All products are concieved to be durable and to preserve the unique characteristics of the wood.

The finishes are smooth to the touch and the use of food safe varnishes  or food safe oils  ensure also high  performances in terms of hydrorepellence and resistance to stains.

Ideas that feed the creativity and boost competitiveness

At Artelegno every team member is daily involved in the sharing of  the creation steps of new products and in the common strive to improved whenever possible the various step of the production proces  benefiting the competitiveness and improving customer’s loyalty

Every conept idea , after being tested through the team’s experience  is developed and turned in a new product  that is the combination of careful selection of the wood and carefully planned production cycle  that ensure the highest standards in terms of quality, safety and respect for our environment.