Istructions for the use of magnetic knife blocks

  1. Hold the knife by the handle
  2. Rotate the knife
  3. Slide out the knife

Care and maintainance

Artelegno’s products are made of solid wood. In order to ensure them a long lasting life we kindly ask you to observe the following instructions:

  • Avoid direct or close contact with heating sources.
  • Do not insert wet or dirty knives in the knife blocks.
  • Do not immerse the products in water or leave them under running water. Do not put them in a dishwasher.
  • In order to clean them please use a moistened cloth or a sponge; if necessary please use mild liquid detergents.
  • Avoid contact of products containing magnets with any kind of electronic device or magnetized card.

For our cutting boards and plates we recommend a regular maintainance with oils or waxes compatible with food contact.